Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund - Results of Realisation Opportunity

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Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund Ltd.
(the "Company")

(a closed-ended investment scheme incorporated with limited liability
under the laws of Guernsey with registered number 56535)


Results of Realisation Opportunity

As described in the circular to Shareholders published on 13 March 2023, the Company made available a Realisation Opportunity enabling Shareholders to elect to realise all, or a part, of their shareholding in the Company.

On 5 May 2023, the Election Period closed and the Company now confirms that valid elections were received from Shareholders totalling 41,496 Ordinary Shares, representing approximately 0.06 per cent. of the Company’s issued share capital. On 12 May 2023, such participating Ordinary Shares will be redesignated as Realisation Shares.

None of the Directors and personnel associated with the Investment Manager elected to participate in the Realisation Opportunity in respect of all, or any part of, their respective shareholdings.

With effect from 12 May 2023, the Realisation Date, the Company’s current portfolio will be divided into two pools:

i) The Continuation Pool; and

ii) The Realisation Pool.

Each Pool will be accounted for as a separate sub-portfolio, with the value of the assets and liabilities in the current portfolio being apportioned to the Realisation Pool pro rata to the number of Ordinary Shares in respect of which Realisation Elections have been validly received. The allocation of the assets and liabilities to be allocated to each pool will be determined by the Board in its sole discretion on a basis that it deems fair and reasonable and which it considers would be in the best interests of both the holders of Realisation Shares and the holders of Ordinary Shares.

The assets comprising the Realisation Pool will be managed by the Investment Manager as follows:

a) assets comprised in the Realisation Pool will be managed in accordance with an orderly realisation programme with the aim of making a return of cash to holders of Realisation Shares; and

b) the Board may authorise the sale of assets to the Continuation Pool from the Realisation Pool in order to return cash to holders of Realisation Shares.

The assets apportioned to the Continuation Pool will continue to be managed by the Investment Manager in accordance with the Company’s investment policy.

A further announcement in respect of the return of cash to holders of Realisation Shares will be made as and when appropriate. The Realisation Shares will not be listed or admitted to AIM.

Defined terms in this announcement shall have the same meaning as terms defined in the circular dated 13 March 2023.

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