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Wenlambo Presents its NFT Marketplace To The World

·3-min read

London, UK, Sept. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Wenlambo team is proud to present its NFT marketplace,, to the Cryptocurrency community. The team believes that the new marketplace will offer content creators and artists a golden opportunity to present their works to the global community.

While announcing the new addition to the cryptocurrency platform, the aim is to make the marketplace offer several benefits for the users that include an opportunity to buy, mint, and sell NFT art, trade on the marketplace with BNB and Wenlambo, and enjoy a fixed transaction fee of 2.5%, thanks to the cheaper cost of the gas used for selling and minting on the BSC

The solutions to multiple problems

The team explained that it initially decided to limit payment to its Wenlambo payment method to make the entire process in-house. However, it has reconsidered its stance on the single payment method by including another payment gateway, BNB, to encourage more crypto lovers to use the marketplace.

It believes the increased number of payment solutions will help Wenlambo and the new marketplace attract more sellers and buyers who may not be comfortable with being stuck with a single payment method.

Aside from the increased patronage, the Wenlambo leadership believes including another payment method will have both long-term and short-term benefits for the holders and artists. Nevertheless, Wenlambo holders are encouraged to look forward to an exclusive content section and the special Wenlambo NFT collections for them.

The route for content creators

The team shares some details with content creators and NFT artists ahead of time. For a start, they will be paid in BNB and each of them will have a distinct we-NFT profile they can put up or use on the marketplace. More so, artists who are comfortable with being paid in Wenlambo and desire to hold the token will receive free airdrops as special incentives.

While there is on-going work on a new Wenlambo NFT collection. However, there will be a limited number of minted copies. These copies don’t share the same value and rarity. Owners can also decide to trade the copies to complete the collection.

Weaknesses to overcome

While expressing excitement over the new project, the team is aware of its weaknesses and shortcomings as a new marketplace. Hence, it encourages users and critics to share their concerns about the marketplace while it attends to them to enable it to serve its users’ community satisfactorily.

The new marketplace’s creators said: “Nothing is ever perfect on its first run so, you’ll be very pleased to hear, after 28 days we will be taking all of the feedback from the marketplace users, from the Wenlambo community to the NFT producers, and using that to tweak and modify anything that we find needs improvement!”

Prospective users of the marketplace and others who want to hear more about Wenlambo and the NFT marketplace are advised to follow the team on its social media pages.

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