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We've had Cottagecore and even Regencycore, now meet Goblincore

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Photo credit: BOBO 1325
Photo credit: BOBO 1325

We've had cottagecore, regencycore, and even cluttercore, but get ready for the latest aesthetic trend making its way into the world of interiors: Goblincore.

Born on Tumbler, goblincore embraces the wilder side of nature, specifically the countryside's woods, flora and fauna, and is a growing trend across fashion and interiors with more than 340,000 hashtags on Instagram and more than 520 million views on TikTok. Think cottagecore, but less perfect, more feral, and somewhat chaotic.

What is goblincore?

'Goblincore is cottagecore for those that actually spend time in nature,' trend expert Sabrina Faramarzi tells The Guardian, whilst describing the latest trend as 'chaos, dirt and mud'.

Katie Thomas, founder of interior design company KTM Design, says this Internet aesthetic trend primarily celebrates imperfections found in nature.

'Goblincore is a dark cottagecore, which centres around finding the beauty in the "ugly", and is inspired by woods, flora and fauna. The trend itself is about embracing the unpredictable and imperfections found in nature, and has associations with foraging or gathering "shinies" or small objects like pebbles, mushrooms, feathers and horns,' explains Katie.

In terms of colour palettes, think forest greens and cosy browns; two nature-inspired hues which are probably already in your home. For decor, mix and match with vintage pieces, metallic accents and botanical prints.

'The colour palette is dark and moody with browns, greens, reds, earth tones and neutrals. There's a specific emphasis on tactile textures showing wear and tear, like crackle-glazed terracotta, wood and leather, with metallic accents and creative retro inspiration,' says Katie.

Photo credit: Woodchip & Magnolia
Photo credit: Woodchip & Magnolia

Goblincore styling ideas

To achieve the goblincore aesthetic, Katie suggests opting for timeless, investment pieces with modern accessories that can be easily updated, so you don't risk outdating your interiors in the future.

'Add accents complementing your style to avoid an "out of place" feel. Think of open shelves and bookcases as a cabinet of curiosities, and arranging small textured decorations or jewellery collections for display in textured bowls and trays,' says Katie. 'Add old books, vintage framed prints of animals like frogs, snails or mushrooms – and you can also add William Morris-inspired book covers to books.

'Create a goblincore vignette in your hallway, and reclaim an ornate serving tray as a letter tray with a wooden box caligraphy set for a vintage touch. Opt for an industrial or traditional table lamp with a brushed metal base for texture, and add framed moss wall decorations, as well as a recycled bottle vase with birch or dried wild allium branches. You can also include cushions with signature goblincore motifs, and add earthy colour soft furnishings to your bedroom or sofa.'

Goblincore embraces things you might find on a wander through an enchanted forest, like mushrooms, snails, moss, frogs, acorns and even mud. Whilst cottagecore is more about picnics and pretty pastels, goblincore has a darker and wilder side.

Photo credit: BOBO 1325
Photo credit: BOBO 1325

As the name suggests, there are even references to goblins, faeries and witches. As a growing trend, it's ideal for embracing autumn as the leaves turn gold and as Halloween approaches.

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