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How to get new WhatsApp features before anyone else

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WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms on the planet, used by over two billion people - and Meta, formerly Facebook, is still updating and changing it.

Future versions of the app include new tools for disappearing messages, a ‘Communities’ feature similar to that on Discord that would let groups be added to larger groups, and an app for the iPad.

For those that want to get Meta’s newest features before anyone else, an easy way to do this is to sign up to its beta testing program.

Beta tests are released much more often than usual app updates, but come with a caveat; since these are cutting edge features, they can sometimes contain bugs or can even crash the app.

While many beta tests are also difficult to get into, there is one – the WhatsApp multi-device beta – that is open to anyone right now.

How to join the WhatsApp beta on your iPhone

Joining WhatsApp’s beta test on Apple devices involves downloading the TestFlight app on any iOS device. This is also how Mac users access beta testing for desktop software too.

Users will then need to open the email invitation or tap the public link on their device. There will be a “View in TestFlight” or “Start testing” button to tap, followed by “Install” or “Update”.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp’s beta test is currently full, but keep an eye on this page for when it opens its doors again.

How to join the WhatsApp beta on your Android device

Android users do not have to install a third app like iPhone users do, but can instead access the messaging service’s beta platform through the standard WhatsApp page in the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, much like on the Apple App Store, the beta is currently full.

How to join the WhatsApp beta on your Windows PC

PC users will be able to access the WhatsApp Desktop beta through the Microsoft Store, which got a new design after the hardware giant pushed out Windows 11.

The new app has a slightly different look that matches up with aesthetic changes like rounded corners found on other apps.

This new app is separate for WhatsApp for Desktop, which is downloaded through WhatsApp’s own website, and so lacks a few features such as Statuses and a Dark theme, but it’s likely that the Windows Store version will become more used as time goes on – and there is nothing preventing users from using both apps simultaneously.

How to join the multi-device beta on iPhone and Android

The multi-device beta allows WhatsApp users to have the same account on four linked companion devices at once, without having to have a phone connected.

This feature is also accessible for Windows users using the beta through Microsoft’s app store.

To join the beta on iPhone, go to WhatsApp Settings, hit ‘Linked Devices’, then tap ‘Multi-Device Beta’, and then ‘Join Beta’.

For Android devices, the step is similar – although the settings are accessed through the More Options button via the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the app.

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