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Who's going to be the 'Golden Bachelorette'?

A composite image of Fatih, Ellen, and Susan's headshots for "The Golden Bachelor."
Faith, Ellen, and Susan all appeared on "The Golden Bachelor."ABC/Ricky Middlesworth
  • ABC has confirmed that the "Golden Bachelor" spinoff, "The Golden Bachelorette" is moving forward.

  • The series will premiere in the fall. Details beyond that, including the cast, haven't been shared.

  • But we think these women from Gerry's season of "The Golden Bachelor" would all make great leads.

It's official — ABC is launching a spinoff to the widely popular "The Golden Bachelor," focusing on an older woman's quest for love.

The network announced the news that "The Golden Bachelorette" will find its way to screens sometime in the fall during the Television Critics Association's (TCA) winter press tour.


As those who tuned into "The Golden Bachelor" finale know, Gerry Turner concluded his search for late-in-life love by proposing to Theresa Nist. While Theresa may not have been some fans' first pick, one thing everyone can agree is that all of the women from Gerry's season were, in a word, incredible.

And with the greenlighting of the "Golden Bachelorette" spinoff, we've rounded up our picks for the job.

Honestly, any woman from Gerry's season would make an excellent lead, but here are five ladies in particular that we'd love to see take on the role, ranked according to our most favorite picks.

1. Susan

the golden bachelor
Susan on "The Golden Bachelor."Craig Sjodin/ABC

Ah, Susan, our fun-loving, flatulent queen. We'd watch a full season of her doing anything, whether it was making a big batch of meatballs and Sunday gravy, kicking ass in pickleball, or just gossiping about her sexual escapades over a pint of ice cream with the girls.

Kris Jenner's long-lost twin was one of the major highlights of this season of "The Golden Bachelor," and we think she'd make an unforgettable Golden Bachelorette. Someone, please, give this woman a reality show of some kind.

2. Faith

Faith and Gerry embracing and looking into each other's eyes.
Faith and Gerry embrace during a rose ceremony on "The Golden Bachelor."Disney/John Fleenor

Faith's breakup with Gerry after hometown dates was heartbreaking, especially considering that they'd just said "I love you" to one another. We'll be honest and say that while we love Gerry, we didn't think he handled things with Faith in the best way,

But Faith kept her cool during the breakup and was the picture of poise during the "Women Tell All" special. Her ability to be both vulnerable and composed on reality TV would make her the perfect candidate for the Golden Bachelorette, and we'd love to see the spinoff explore more of Faith's rugged country lifestyle. (Can we have another horseback riding date, please? And more footage of Faith on a motorcycle, thanks.)

3. Leslie

Leslie Fhima holds hands with Bachelor Gerry Turner on "The Golden Bachelor."
Leslie Fhima holds hands with Bachelor Gerry Turner on "The Golden Bachelor."ABC/Craig Sjodin

It's not unheard of for producers to pick the runner-up of a given season to be the next Bachelor or Bachelorette — case in point: Joey Graziadei being named Bachelor after Charity Lawson proposed to Dotun Olubeko instead.

Leslie has been open about her struggles to find love after two marriages, and we love her fun-loving attitude, sexy dance moves, and the fact that she was apparently Prince's girlfriend at one point in time.

After watching her emotional breakup with Gerry during the season finale, we firmly believe that Leslie deserves her happily-ever-after, and would make a great Golden Bachelorette.

4. Joan

Joan, in a pink strapless gown, and Gerry, in a tuxedo, on "The Golden Bachelor."
Joan and Gerry on "The Golden Bachelor."ABC/Craig Sjodin

Sadly, Joan had to leave "The Golden Bachelor" shortly after her first one-on-one date with Gerry. The two clearly had a strong connection, but Joan decided to put family first after learning her daughter was experiencing postpartum depression.

We think it'd be great if Joan got a second chance at love as the Golden Bachelorette. Her empathy and dedication to family are admirable, and we loved how open she was about beginning the search for love again after being widowed just over two years ago.

And when asked during an interview if she had any interest in being the Golden Bachelorette, Joan said yes.

"I also wouldn't hate more than one Bachelorette," she told Business Insider, referencing former co-Bachelorettes Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.

"I think that we'd be good together," Joan continued. "I mean, it's obvious that we're very supportive of each other and there's no animosity when something great happens to each other."

5. Ellen

Gerry and Ellen sit next to each other on a bench in the midst of a pickleball court on "The Golden Bachelor."
Gerry and Ellen on "The Golden Bachelor."ABC/John Fleenor

Watching Ellen get the "princess date" (where a contestant is pampered with a shopping spree) on "The Golden Bachelor" was a genuine treat. Gerry noted that Ellen probably didn't get a lot of chances to pamper herself, and it was heartwarming to watch her light up when he gifted her a beautiful pair of diamond earrings.

Ellen's kindness and earnestness would make her a solid choice for Golden Bachelorette. We think Ellen deserves to be spoiled 24/7, and what better way to treat yourself than by having a house full of dapper gentlemen fight for your heart?

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