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Influencer reignites feud with one of YouTube’s biggest stars in petty social media post: 'Here we go again'

Trisha Paytas reignited her largely one-sided feud with David Dobrik on August 11 with a short TikTok post.

“U think u can hurt my feelings? I was friends with David Dobrik,” she wrote in the video. That’s all it took for fans to start musing about where the two massive YouTube stars stand now.

The beef between Paytas and Dobrik began in February 2019 when Paytas split from her longtime boyfriend Jason Nash, one of Dobrik’s best friends.

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In a video that has since been deleted, she called Dobrik “creepy and disgusting” and compared him to serial killer Ted Bundy — a shocking statement against one of the most popular bloggers on the platform known for his upbeat prank videos.

She also claimed that Dobrik forced Nash to break up with her because he didn’t like her.

“David is on a whole other level of being an actual horrible person,” she said while sobbing. She threatened to “expose” him, but never delivered.

She was also upset that Dobrik included a clip in one of his vlogs in which he joked that Nash should ask Tana Mongeau, another controversial YouTuber, to get with him and Paytas.

Paytas said the joke made her very uncomfortable and insecure, as Nash was 45 at the time, she was 30 and Mongeau was only 20.

She said Dobrik apologized for the statement and said he would not do it again.

That didn’t stop her from continuing to attack him, though. She’s posted multiple videos calling out Dobrik and various other members of the vlogger collective he and Nash are a part of, known as the Vlog Squad

There’s no indication as to why Paytas is bringing the beef back up now, though. According to Distractify, she recently re-uploaded many of her old videos featuring Nash and other members of the Vlog Squad that she had once deleted.

Paytas has faced her fair share of controversy over the years. She has diagnosed herself with Dissociative Identity Disorder, claimed she identifies as a “chicken nugget” instead of a human being and openly admitted to posting videos just for clicks. The list of ways she’s sparked backlash goes on and on.

Since his beef feud with Paytas first began, Dobrik has refused to comment, and based on the comments on Paytas’ recent TikTok, that’s working out in his favor.

“The real clown is that you constantly still talk about him when he’s living his own life,” one user said.

“He really lives in your head rent-free,” another wrote.

“Oh lord here we go again,” a third joked.

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