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Woman outraged by ‘horrible’ encounter after running into her ex-husband on vacation: ‘Clearly out of line’

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A woman had her vacation crashed by her ex and his new girlfriend. 

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. Her ex’s sister, Aria, invited her to go on vacation at Aria’s family property. When she and Aria arrived, the Reddit poster’s ex and his new girlfriend were already there. The new girlfriend told the pair to leave. 

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“My ex’s family own a vacation property on an island,” she wrote. “His sister (Aria) asked me if I wanted to go with her as she was going alone in the summer, and that was when my ex would have our son. When we arrived, my ex, his girlfriend and our son were already there. My ex never told me they were­­ going to be there. It was very awkward at first, but we agreed that they would do their own thing and that we would do our own thing. The island isn’t that big, so we did sometimes bump into each other/merge groups at my son’s request.”

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But the girlfriend insisted that Aria and the Reddit poster leave the island. 

“Around the fourth day, the girlfriend told me that I and Aria should leave because [she and my ex] were there first, and I was ruining their vacation,” the Reddit poster explained. “I said I would talk to Aria about it, but when I brought it up, Aria said that it was her dad’s house and the girlfriend could leave if she had a problem. The girlfriend asked me again, a few days later, to leave. I told her what Aria said and [that] we wouldn’t be leaving. The girlfriend then told me to leave on my own then since I was intruding. I said no. [The girlfriend] got angry at me and [said] she ‘knew what I was up to.'”

Redditors thought the new girlfriend was being difficult. 

“A horrible message to send to a [kid]. The kid was probably thrilled to have a vacation with both parents,” a user said

“The girlfriend is clearly out of line,” another wrote

“The girlfriend needs to grow up,” someone commented

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