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Woman questions whether she is wrong after barring sister from having her honeymoon in her home

·4-min read
 (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A woman has asked for advice from the internet after her sister uninvited her from her wedding because she refused to let her have her honeymoon in her home.

The situation was detailed this week in a post to Reddit’s Am I the A**hole subreddit by user Aggravated_Sib00.

In the lengthy post, she revealed that she had purchased a vacation home previously owned by her parents, after her mother and father had decided to sell it to help pay for their other daughter’s college education.

According to the OP [original poster], who had been looking for a house to purchase around the same time, she had “a lot of good memories from the lake house so eventually I agreed,” and moved into the house shortly after installing the internet.

“I work via computer so after getting a good internet connection out there I moved right in, and have been there since. My gf moved in permanently last year before lockdown and it’s been pretty blissful,” she explained.

However, OP’s sister recently got engaged, and invited her to be part of the wedding party, with the woman explaining in the post that her sister also then assumed that she would be allowed to stay in the lake house for two weeks for her honeymoon.

“Issues came up recently when my sis asked where I was going to stay for the two weeks after her wedding? Puzzled, I answered my house? She got a sour look and said that wouldn’t work, her and fiancé would be there and they wanted private time. I asked why they’d be at my house and she said that’s where they were having their honeymoon. Two weeks alone at a lake house. I said that was news to me. She insisted our parents said it was fine. But I said it wasn’t their place to make decisions about my house,” the woman wrote.

According to the post, the sister became angry and eventually removed her sibling from both her bridal party and her wedding over the situation, with the OP adding that her parents had taken her sister’s side and said she was being “unreasonable”.

The woman concluded the post revealing that their sister is not speaking to them, while acknowledging that she feels like a “monster” because everyone is mad at them, but that she does not feel comfortable having her sibling staying “unsupervised at my house”.

The post has since been upvoted more than 23,000 times, with many of the commenters acknowledging that it appears the woman’s parents are playing favourites with their children, as they paid for the sister’s tuition, will be paying for her wedding, and now have said she can stay at the lake house.

“Idk if it’s just me but the favouritism is shining brighter than the sun,” one person commented, while another noted that, because the woman’s parents had sold her the house, she should not feel obligated to give her sister the home for her honeymoon.

Numerous other users agreed, with many encouraging the woman to send a message to the family reminding them that she owns the home, while others advised her to change the locks on the lake house.

“Make sure you change the locks! I wouldn’t be surprised if she and her new husband just show up the day after their wedding and pretend like it’s the plan,” someone else commented.

In a follow-up post shared by the woman, she revealed that she reached out to her sister about the situation, only to find out that their parents had never told her sister about the sale of the house.

“I spoke to my sister like a few people suggested and asked her if she knew the lake house was legally MY house. As in, I bought it years ago,” she wrote. “She was NOT in fact aware of this. She was under the impression from our parents that they were letting me live there rent-free… I corrected her and even showed her proof that they sold the house to me.

“And when she asked why they sold it I was honest and said it was to pay for her college tuition/lifestyle. She became quiet after that and we soon hung up.”

According to the update, the woman has not heard from her sister since she found out about the sale of the house.

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