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Women With Alopecia Can Feel Secure in Follea: Gripper-2 Wig Stands Up to a 5K Mud Run

Pictured left: (clockwise from bottom left to bottom right): Follea Gripper wig wearer Ronda, participating in the Dirty Donkey 5K Mud Run to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society and her wig post-race. Pictured right: Follea 'Someone I love has Alopecia' bracelets. For more information on the Gripper wig and to receive a free Follea bracelet, visit Click here for high-resolution version

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 21, 2012) - Follea Inc., the leading designer of high-quality, natural European wigs and hairpieces, is supporting the efforts and the initiatives of the Alopecia Areata community with its new Gripper-2 wig. The new Gripper-2 collection is specially designed to meet the needs of women with Alopecia Areata, Totalis and Universalis, as well as other medical conditions that can cause hair loss on the scalp and sometimes the body. The Gripper Collection® includes the Gripper-2 Cool and the Gripper-2 Sport; each manufactured with a light, breathable construction that has proven to stay securely in place due to its revolutionary design.

A Follea Gripper wig wearer, who recently participated in the Dirty Donkey 5K Mud Run to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society, shares her Follea wig experience:

"I love a challenge and have always wanted to try something like this. This event intrigued me! I had no idea what to expect, except MUD!" says Ronda, a fitness instructor who switched to the Gripper wig after wearing a vacuum wig for 28 years. She wondered if the Follea Gripper would stay on as she jumped over hurdles and crawled and slid through the mud. "Would my Gripper Sport grip as promised? To the cheers of my family, I exited the course, mud dripping down my face and body, caked in my hair. I was elated! Gripper Still Gripping! In the end I did have to wash my hair six times in a row to get that silky feel and glorious shine back, but I would do the 'Dirty Donkey MS MUD Run' with my 'Gripper Sport' again in a heartbeat!" 

"Hearing stories like Ronda's makes us proud of what we do here at Follea," says President of Follea, Michael Leigh. "Before introducing our second generation 2012 Gripper Collection, we received feedback from over 1,000 satisfied first generation Gripper wearers, as well as several hundred non-Follea vacuum and lace wig wearers. Follea's top ICARe Representative reported that in this past year alone, since introducing the Gripper-2, 40% of her vacuum wig wearers have converted to the Follea Gripper wig."

The original Gripper was developed over an 18-month period with the full involvement of five women owners of their own hair studios who suffer from Alopecia Totalis or Universalis; as well as a sixth owner whose teenage cheerleader daughter also faces this same challenge. Follea's multi-disciplined factory team then updated the original Gripper wig by virtually doubling the density at the back, below the crown, to ensure that the wig's foundation would remain invisible, even in windy conditions. The Gripper wig was created to have a breathable construction, a natural lace-front hairline and stay securely in place without tape or glue. The use of medical grade silicone reduces the risk of any adverse skin reactions for daily wig wearers. Follea's Gripper wigs are available in new layered styles and a variety of lengths and color blends to achieve a natural look.

The company has been a constant supporter of the Alopecia community by helping to bring awareness to the disease that affects over five million people in the United States, and many times that number worldwide. In August, Follea announced they were giving away 10,000 free Alopecia bracelets in honor of September's Alopecia Awareness Month. The bracelets bearing the phrase, "Someone I love has Alopecia" received an overwhelming response from supporters, with requests for the bracelets coming from as far away as the Middle East & Australia.

For more information about Follea and to receive a free Alopecia bracelet, visit