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The Worldwide Sanitary Pumps and Valves Industry is Expected to Reach $2.4 Billion by 2026

·10-min read

Dublin, Nov. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market with COVID-19 Impact, by Pump Type (Centrifugal Pumps and Positive Displacement Pumps), Pump Priming Type, Pump Power Source (Electric and Air), End User, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2026" report has been added to's offering.

The sanitary pumps market was valued at USD 1.9 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 2.4 billion by 2026; it is expected to register a CAGR of 4.3% from 2021 to 2026.

The growth of the market is attributed to the growing industrialization across the world and the increasing awareness of maintaining hygiene across the end-use industries. The major driving factor for the sanitary pumps and valves market includes growth in industrialization across the end-use industries, which include processed food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, dairy, and others across the world. Additionally, the increasing awareness of the manufacturers toward maintaining hygiene across the end-use industries and offering hygienic products to the end-use customers is another factor driving the demand for sanitary pumps and valves across the hygiene-specific end-use industries.

Centrifugal pumps are expected to hold the largest share of the sanitary pumps and valves market throughout the forecast period.

Centrifugal pumps are the oldest and simplest sanitary pumps developed on the principle of centrifugal force technology. Their inexpensive manufacturing and simple, durable functioning make them the most widely adopted type of sanitary pumps in the market. There are numerous advantages of centrifugal pumps, which include their excellent capability to transfer low-viscosity fluids, easily adjustable flow rate, low cost, simple design easy to maintain, steady output, compatibility with fluids containing suspended particulates or small solids, and availability in numerous designs capable of a wide range of flow and pressure outputs. Owing to these properties, the market share of centrifugal pumps is currently dominating the sanitary pumps market and can be seen increasing extensively during the forecast period.

Self-priming sanitary pumps are expected to register the highest CAGR during the forecast period in the sanitary pumps and valves market.

The non-self-priming sanitary pumps dominate the sanitary pumps and valves market and are expected to continue their dominance during the forecast period. This is primarily because the majority of the sanitary pumps available in the market are designed to be non-self-priming, while a few of them are designed to be self-priming. Centrifugal pumps, the most widely used pumps across sanitary applications, always need to be primed before initiating their operations. Owing to the numerous benefits that self-priming pumps offer such as handling a variety of fluids as well as solids with very high efficiency without any damage to the pump system, the demand for self-priming pumps can be seen increasing across the market. However, non-self-priming pumps being the oldest and compact due to no additional priming components added to the system, still make them the largest shareholders in the market.

Sanitary Pumps and Valves market in APAC to grow at the highest CAGR.

The market in APAC is expected to grow at the highest growth rate during the forecast period. This exceptional growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for sanitary equipment in end-use industries such as dairy, processed food, pharmaceuticals, and beverages in major countries such as China, Japan, and India. The sanitary pumps and valves market in APAC for the dairy industry is growing at a significant rate owing to high dairy production in these countries, and a similar trend is likely to continue in the coming years. Additionally, the increasing population in emerging economies, rising per capita income, growing industrialization, and rapid urbanization are a few additional factors driving the growth of the market in the region.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Introduction

2 Research Methodology

3 Executive Summary
3.1 Realistic Scenario
3.2 Pessimistic Scenario
3.3 Optimistic Scenario

4 Premium Insights
4.1 Attractive Growth Opportunities for Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market
4.2 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Pump Type
4.3 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Pump Power Source
4.4 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Pump Priming Type
4.5 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by End-user
4.6 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Region

5 Market Overview
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Dynamics
5.2.1 Drivers Stringent Government Regulations for Maintaining Optimal Hygiene Level Increasing Awareness Regarding Maintaining Hygiene in Process Industries Rising Focus of Manufacturers Toward Plant Automation
5.2.2 Restraints Variations in Raw Material Prices
5.2.3 Opportunities Increasing Focus on R&D for Sanitary Pumps and Valves is Expected to Generate More Demand from End-users Utilization of IIoT and Industry 4.0 in Industrial Plants Expected to Boost Demand for Sanitary Valves and Pumps in Coming Years Rising Focus of Industry Players on Offering Improved Customer Services
5.2.4 Challenges Increased Competition from Gray Market Players and Unorganized Sector Failures or Malfunctioning Could Lead to Unplanned Machine Downtime
5.3 Value Chain Analysis
5.3.1 Raw Material Suppliers
5.3.2 Original Equipment Manufacturers
5.3.3 Distributors
5.3.4 End-Use Industries
5.4 Ecosystem
5.5 Trends/Disruptions Impacting Customer's Business
5.6 Porter's Five Force Analysis
5.7 Case Studies
5.7.1 Gea Group Aktiengesellschaft Provides Valves to G. Schneider & Sohn
5.7.2 Inoxpa S.A.U. Provides New Processing Equipment and Valve Manifolds to Calidad Pascual S.A.
5.7.3 Bear Republic Brewery Used Gea Hilge Hygia Pumps to Focus on Efficiency and Stay Competitive in Mature Market
5.7.4 Large Sweets Manufacturer Used Slh Twin Screw Pump by Itt Bornemann to Solve Its Wear Issue
5.8 Technology Trends
5.8.1 Predictive Maintenance
5.8.2 Iiot
5.8.3 Twin Screw Pump Technology
5.8.4 Smart Valve Positioners
5.9 Pricing Analysis
5.10 Trade Analysis
5.11 Patent Analysis
5.12 Regulatory Landscape

6 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Valve Type
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Single-Seat Valves
6.2.1 Increasing Use of Single-Seat Valves for Small Flow Rates
6.3 Double-Seat Valves
6.3.1 Rising Adoption of Double-Seat Valves for Hygiene Requirements of Industrial Processes
6.4 Butterfly Valves
6.4.1 Increasing Use of Low-Cost Alternative Valves in Process Industries Drives Demand for Butterfly Valves
6.5 Diaphragm Valves
6.5.1 Rising Adoption of Diaphragm Valves in Pharmaceuticals Industry Drives Their Demand
6.6 Control Valves
6.6.1 Control Valves are Expected to Hold Largest Market Share During Forecast Period
6.7 Others

7 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Pump Type
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Centrifugal Pumps
7.2.1 Centrifugal Pumps are Easy to Maintain and Have Numerous Other Advantages Hence, They are Best Choice for Low Viscous Fluids
7.3 Positive Dispalcement Pumps
7.3.1 Diaphragm Pumps Diaphragm Pumps are Most Widely Adopted Positive Displacement Pumps Based on Their Air-Powered Operations Known for Their Safe Design and High Efficiency
7.3.2 Twin Screw Pumps Twin Screw Pumps are Latest Type of Positive Displacement Pumps Widely Adopted due to Their Versatility, Flexibility, and Ability to Run Dry
7.3.3 Peristaltic Pumps These Pumps are Good Option for Gentle Transfer of Sterile, Shear-Sensitive Fluid and Thick Slurries Available for Single-Use as Well as Multi-Use
7.3.4 Rotary Lobe Pumps Rotary Lobe Pumps are Positive Displacement Pumps Known for Accurate, Consistent Output with Great Cip/Sip Characteristics
7.3.5 Progressive Cavity Pumps Progressive Cavity Pumps are Best Positive Displacement Pumps Suitable for Dosing Applications Owing to High Accuracy Required in Hygienic Environment
7.3.6 Eccentric Disc Pumps Eccentric Disc Pumps with Unique Pumping Design Can Gently and Effectively Handle Low as Well as High Viscous Fluids
7.4 Others

8 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Material Type
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Stainless Steel
8.2.1 Surging Demand for Stainless Steel Pumps During Forecast Period
8.3 Bronze
8.3.1 Increasing Usage of High Corrosion-Resistant and Low Wear Bronze Pumps in Process Industries
8.4 Copper
8.4.1 Growing Demand for Copper Pumps with Unique Antimicrobial Properties in Sanitary Drinking Water Industry

9 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Hygiene Class
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Standard
9.3 Aseptic
9.4 Ultraclean

10 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Pump Power Source
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Electric
10.2.1 Electric-Powered Sanitary Pumps to Continue to Hold Larger Size of Global Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market During Forecast Period
10.3 Air
10.3.1 Increasing Demand for Robust and Reliable Air-Powered Sanitary Pumps Across End-Use Industries

11 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by Pump Priming Type
11.1 Introduction
11.2 Self-Priming Pumps
11.2.1 Increasing Demand for Highly Efficient Self-Priming Pumps That Can Handle Variety of Fluids in Process Industries
11.3 Non-Self-Priming Pumps
11.3.1 Necessity to Prime Pumps Before Every Use is Restraining Demand for Non-Self-Priming Pumps

12 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, by End-User Industry
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Processed Food
12.2.1 Processed Food Industry to Hold Largest Share of Global Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market in 2021
12.2.2 Impact of COVID-19
12.3 Dairy
12.3.1 Increasing Demand for Dairy Products Drives Demand for Sanitary Pumps and Valves
12.3.2 Impact of COVID-19
12.4 Nonalcoholic Beverages
12.4.1 Demand for High Level of Safety and Hygiene Leads to Adoption of Hygienic Equipment in Nonalcoholic Beverages Industry
12.4.2 Impact of COVID-19
12.5 Alcoholic Beverages
12.5.1 Increasing Awareness Regarding Hygiene in Alcoholic Beverages Industry Boosts Adoption of Sanitary Pumps and Valves
12.5.2 Impact of COVID-19
12.6 Pharmaceuticals
12.6.1 Critical Quality and Safety Standards in Pharmaceuticals Industry are Driving Adoption of Sanitary Pumps and Valves
12.6.2 Impact of COVID-19
12.7 Others
12.7.1 Impact of COVID-19

13 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market, Geographic Analysis

14 Competitive Landscape
14.1 Introduction
14.2 Key Player Strategies/Right to Win
14.2.1 Overview of Strategies Deployed by Key Players in Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market
14.3 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market Revenue Analysis of Top 5 Market Players
14.4 Market Share Analysis
14.5 Competitive Evaluation Quadrant, 2020
14.5.1 Star
14.5.2 Emerging Leader
14.5.3 Pervasive
14.5.4 Participant
14.6 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (Sme) Evaluation Quadrant, 2020
14.6.1 Progressive Company
14.6.2 Responsive Company
14.6.3 Dynamic Company
14.6.4 Starting Block
14.6.5 Sanitary Pumps and Valves Market: Company Footprint
14.7 Competitive Situations and Trends
14.7.1 Product Launches
14.7.2 Deals

15 Company Profiles
15.1 Key Players
15.1.1 Alfa Laval
15.1.2 Fristam Pumpen Kg (GmbH & Company)
15.1.3 Gea Group Aktiengesellschaft
15.1.4 Spx Flow, Inc.
15.1.5 Psg
15.1.6 Itt Inc.
15.1.7 Adamant Valves
15.1.8 Ampco Pumps Company
15.1.9 Donjoy Technology Co. Ltd.
15.1.10 Evoguard GmbH
15.1.11 Inoxpa S.A.U.
15.1.12 Q-Pumps
15.1.13 Verder.Com
15.1.14 Viking Pump
15.1.15 Xylem
15.2 Other Players
15.2.1 Csf Inox S.P.A.
15.2.2 Dixon Valve & Coupling Company, LLC.
15.2.3 Flowserve Corporation
15.2.4 Flux Gerate
15.2.5 Graco Inc.
15.2.6 Joneng Valves Co. Ltd.
15.2.7 Ksb Se & Co. KGaA
15.2.8 Lewa GmbH
15.2.9 Spirax Sarco Limited
15.2.10 Tapflo

16 Adjacent & Related Markets

17 Appendix

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