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Should you be worried about Blue Prism's (LON:PRSM) Piotroski F-Score?

Jack Brumby

As investors, we want to invest in the best and avoid those heading for trouble, but it's hard to keep tabs on hundreds of companies. That's a lot of noise and we've all got lives to lead. Even though Stockopedia's StockReports provide a wealth of financial data, filtering out the most dangerous stocks can be hard to do and takes time.

But what if you could gauge financial health with a single number?

This is what the Piotroski F-Score sets out to do. Unfortunately, what the F-Score algorithm says for Technology operator Blue Prism (LON:PRSM) is not good. We'll get into this later, but first a bit more on what this number actually means.


Why Blue Prism (LON:PRSM) shareholders need to know the Piotroski F-Score

The Piotroski F-Score is a nine-strong checklist split up into three sections, each looking at a different part of a company's financial situation. Its secret sauce is that, unlike most ratios, the F-Score looks more deeply into the direction in which a company’s financial health is moving. Keeping on top of these trends can help us stay ahead of the game.

When a stock gets beaten down it ends up in the bargain basement of the stock market. From here there are generally three outcomes. The stock either:

  • Stumbles along, zombie-like,
  • Tumbles into administration, or
  • Recovers emphatically

Stanford Finance Professor Joseph Piotroski wanted to sort the wheat from the chaff. After settling on the F-Score, he produced some astonishing results.

Piotroski found that weak stocks with an F-Score of 2 or less are five times more likely to either go bankrupt or delist due to financial problems. Working our way through Piotroski's checklist, we can see that Blue Prism gets a lowly F-Score of 2 out of a possible 9. Food for thought for anyone looking to hold onto their money. 

Fortify your portfolio with simple, effective tools

The problem areas for Blue Prism identified here can be explored in more depth on Stockopedia's research platform. All the best investors have stringent due diligence processes that reduce the chances of them suffering big losses, so why not take a leaf out of their book?

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