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Xfinity outage - latest updates: Internet issues continue for many Comcast users

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Xfinity internet and cable has gone down, in an outage affecting users across the country.

People were unable to get online – or even, in some cases, to check whether their internet had broken at all.

The problems appear to be the result of technical issues at the provider.

But neither Xfinity or its parent company Comcast have yet recognised the issue, or given any indication of how long it might last.

Follow here for the latest updates on the problems.

Xfinity support finally acknowledges issues – though not publicly

14:45 , Andrew Griffin

The official Xfinity Support Twitter account has had a busy morning – it is replying to multiple complaints per minute. But it hasn’t yet posted a public admission that there’s something going on.

In tweets, however, it does seem to acknowledge that there is something widespread going on:

There’s still no indication of what it might be or when it might be fixed, however.

Affected users ask for help with excuses

14:38 , Andrew Griffin

Given that people often rely on their home internet to also be their work internet, these days, such an outage can be especially unhelpful. As this tweet notes:

Outage appears to spread across the country

14:34 , Andrew Griffin

As this humorous tweet suggests, the centre of the Xfinity outage appears to be... everywhere.

Read the latest here

14:33 , Andrew Griffin

Here’s our full news story on the ongoing outage.

Hello and welcome...

14:32 , Andrew Griffin

... to The Independent’s coverage of the ongoing Xfinity outage.

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