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Young Sheldon’s Emily Osment And Montana Jordan Recall When They Heard About Their Spinoff, And I Would’ve Felt So Overwhelmed

 Montana Jordan and Emily Osment on Young Sheldon.
Montana Jordan and Emily Osment on Young Sheldon.

Young Sheldon is ending on CBS in a little over a month, though its conclusion won’t mark the end of the Big Bang Theory franchise (or the Cooper family for that matter). A spinoff centered on the titular boy genius’s brother, Georgie Cooper, and his partner – and baby mama – Mandy McAllister is in the works. With that, Montana Jordan and Emily Osment are set to reprise their roles as the two characters for the sitcom. Now, they’ve revealed the moment they learned the show was happening, and I honestly would’ve been so overwhelmed had I been in their shoes.

As of right now, it’s still very early days for the offshoot, for which an official title has yet to be revealed. The two lead actors, nevertheless, have already been hyping it up and answering questions about it. While participating in a joint interview for TVLine, they were asked about how long they knew the Georgie and Mandy show was in the works. Surprisingly, Montana Jordan revealed that they learned about the project’s existence on the same day they were told Young Sheldon was ending after seven seasons. And what Jordan recalls of the day sounds like a whirlwind:

Well, they told us the day that they told us that Young Sheldon was ending. So we both had little mini heart attacks that day. They literally got us all on a Zoom call, told us Young Sheldon was ending. And then they called us and told us we were going to do this new thing.


If that’s not enough to send you on an emotional rollercoaster, then I don’t know what is. Hearing that you’re about to be out of work can be scary, and I’m sure that’s also true for actors. I’d certainly would’ve been fretting had I been in their shoes. Later on, however, I’d have had mixed feelings over learning that I’m now going to join a brand-new show – that I’ll be co-leading. The mere thought of being in the two actors’ positions at that time makes me jumpy.

Even Emily Osment admitted during the interview that the news double whammy was like “whiplash.” The Pretty Smart alum shared more thoughts on that day and shared how she feels to be adding to Mandy and Georgie’s stories:

[That was] a lot for one day. And, obviously, [it’s] a very bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to this wonderful show and then also know that we get to carry on the storyline. And we feel very grateful for that. But we’re currently, right now, sort of at the tail end of the season, this final season, and it’s emotional.

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Based on Emily Osment’s initial reaction to the spinoff and these new comments, she seems very excited about what’s to come. However, sentiments above also indicate that she’s aware of the work that still needs to be done on the parent series. There’s still plenty to look forward to on Young Sheldon, including the finale – which will see Jim Parsons reunite with Mayim Bialik and reprise their roles as older Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler, respectively. It’s an exciting prospect, and Parsons’ latest comments on their returns truly make this seem like the end of an era.

Viewers can probably expect the coming-of-age comedy to end on a note that positions Georgie and Mandy for their new multi-camera sitcom, which will see them raising their family in Texas. I’m happy for both Emily Osment and Montana Jordan and hope they don’t get overwhelmed as they begin to work on their new show.

New episodes of Young Sheldon air on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET as part of the 2024 TV schedule, and you can catch up on prior installments using a Paramount+ subscription.