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ZigiWave Launches a Cloud Version of its Integration Platform ZigiOps

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The Most Flexible Integration Platform

ZigiOps Integration Platform on the Cloud

ZigiOps Integration Platform on the Cloud Visual
ZigiOps Integration Platform on the Cloud Visual
ZigiOps Integration Platform on the Cloud Visual

SOFIA, Bulgaria, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ZigiWave - the company behind the integration platform ZigiOps - announced that its integration tool is going to the cloud. Taking ZigiOps to the cloud would bring lots of benefits, like agility, scalability, ease of testing and speed.

The SaaS version of ZigiOps allows users to create integrations for some of the most popular Monitoring, ITSM, and DevOps tools. It provides out-of-the-box integration templates for 30+ applications, like Jira, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps, BMC, Salesforce and more. The cloud version will automatically connect the systems and transfer data between them, so customers can have a complete overview of their operations and make decisions faster.

ZigiOps' powerful integrations can be set within minutes, and with just a few clicks users can test them without the need to install or change anything in their environment.

ZigiOps’ advanced filtering and mapping options are available in the cloud version as well. Users can set specific requirements easily, and implement complex use cases within minutes. The platform allows enterprises to automate workflows, improve cross-team collaboration and get a real-time overview on their operations.

“Going to the cloud is an important step for us. Our customers are asking for a SaaS version of ZigiOps and we are giving it. This will allow organizations to leverage the cloud together with the powerful capabilities of ZigiOps. This combination will skyrocket companies’ automation efforts.”

Idan Harel, CEO of ZigiWave

What happens to the on-premises version of ZigiOps?

On-premises applications allow enterprises to maintain a level of control that the cloud sometimes cannot.

Even though the cloud has many benefits, the scope of work of some organizations requires them to host the platform in their own environment. The on-premises option will continue to be available for customers that prefer installing ZigiOps on their own machine to have full control over it.

The ZigiOps Cloud version is available for free trials. For more information click here.

About ZigiWave:

ZigiWave is an independent software vendor, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Over 70 Fortune 500 clients trust ZigiOps for their integrations. ZigiOps is the most flexible, no-code integration platform, serving as a bridge between enterprise software tools. It allows for seamless end-to-end data flows within organizations.

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