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Zoom unveils new dedicated video conferencing device for home workers

Martyn Landi, PA Technology Correspondent
·2-min read

Zoom has unveiled its first physical device aimed at home workers using video conferencing, as the platform looks to build on its recent surge in popularity.

Zoom for Home is a 27in touchscreen device which users can log into with their existing Zoom credentials. It can be used for presenting and annotating information on-screen, and can be used independently of a computer.

The video conferencing app came to prominence during the coronavirus lockdown as millions turned to the service to help communicate with colleagues while working from home.

However, that increase in popularity led to a number of security concerns being raised about the platform, which prompted the company to launch a programme of security upgrades in April to improve its privacy settings.

As part of that programme, the company has released a number of security updates designed to better secure user accounts and prevent strangers from breaking into meetings – incidents which had become known as “Zoombombing”.

Zoom for Home
The new Zoom for Home device can be used as a second screen (Zoom)

The company says the 600 dollar (£478) Zoom for Home device, which is made by US-based firm DTEN, includes three wide-angle cameras for high-resolution video calls and an eight microphone array for clearer audio.

It can be used independent of any other device, as well as being a second screen during Zoom meetings.

Eric Yuan, Zoom’s chief executive, said the rise of home working during the pandemic was a key factor in the creation of the new device.

“After experiencing remote work ourselves for the past several months, it was clear that we needed to innovate a new category dedicated to remote workers,” he said.

“I’m so proud of the team for continuing to think outside the box and prove why Zoom is the best unified communications platform that can meet the needs of all types of users.”

Zoom said the new device is expected to go on sale next month, but has not yet confirmed a UK price for the product.