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ZPE Systems Hosts Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma SD-WAN to Achieve Cloud-Based Simplicity and Flexibility at the Edge

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FREMONT, Calif., September 21, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ZPE Systems, an innovator of network and critical IT infrastructure management at the data center and edge, today announced its ability to host Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma SD-WAN solution. Until now, organizations migrating to cloud-based edge networking were required to deploy disparate hardware and software solutions for security, SD-WAN, out-of-band, and cellular failover. These complicated deployment and management, leaving organizations with edge networks that lacked resilience and forced them to compromise due to vendor lock-in.

ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid edge routers directly host Prisma SD-WAN, helping customers overcome the distributed networking challenges of traditional WAN architectures. This consolidates the networking stack to simplify deploying, scaling, and managing the cloud-delivered branch. Prisma SD-WAN gives organizations peace of mind with secure traffic routing, while Nodegrid serves as a reliable foundation with built-in out-of-band and 5G/4G LTE. Customers gain transparency across their networking and security solutions, along with the tools they need to maintain uptime and respond quickly to issues.

In addition, the Nodegrid platform eliminates vendor lock-in by serving as a micro-cloud at the edge. Customers no longer need to compromise with fixed function devices, and can instead run software of their choice, such as Prisma SD-WAN, directly on Nodegrid. This long-term sustainability frees customers from infrastructure and connectivity problems, allowing for flexible customization to address evolving needs.

"We know how frustrating it can be to juggle traditional edge solutions," says Arnaldo Zimmermann, Co-founder and CEO of ZPE Systems. "Deploying sites, diagnosing issues, and restoring services at the edge are such a hassle. This integration puts everything into a single box. Security, automation, failover — it’s all there and can be managed under one UI."

To explore this solution and its real-world implementations, download the brief.

Visit the Strategic Alliances page for more details about our partnership with Palo Alto Networks.

For information about ZPE Systems’ Edge Transformation Partner Program or to apply, visit

About ZPE Systems

ZPE Systems’ Nodegrid frees enterprises from today’s networking challenges.

Nodegrid’s Intel-based serial consoles & modular services routers deliver power to datacenter & branch applications. The Linux-based Nodegrid OS replaces vendor lock-in with limitless flexibility. With ZPE Cloud for fast & secure provisioning, this platform streamlines networking using virtualization, prevents downtime using automation, and offers convenience via remote management.

Top companies trust Nodegrid for advanced out-of-band management, Secure Service Edge (SSE) onboarding, and SD-Branch networking.

ZPE Systems is based in Fremont, California with offices worldwide.

Visit for company information.

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ZPE Systems, Inc.
Victoria Lavi, Director of Marketing

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