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If you're one of those last-minute holiday planners who's still working out just where to go in Europe this year, perhaps an insight into the most popular destinations for UK travellers will help.

TripAdvisor have released their Summer Holiday Value report which ranks the most popular short-haul destinations for Brits in 2018.

Not only that, they've also revealed the cheapest weeks to go and how much money you could save going during one specific week over another. Interestingly the destinations which offer the biggest savings depending on which week you go aren't necessarily the cheapest. For example, you could save 55 per cent on a holiday to Ibiza, which has a reputation for a luxury price tag, if you leave at the end of May.

In order of popularity, here are the most popular destinations for Brits this year, along with some tips about exactly when to go to save the most money...