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1. Consider prettying things up with some pastel pink, as it is funky enough to add a nuance of new style, without being too bold.

Credits: homify / Demural

10 neutral decorating ideas for a dreamy bedroom

Don't you go thinking that neutral decorating schemes are the same thing as boring décor as that really isn't the case! Interior designers have long been trying to convince everybody that a neutral room is simply a wonderful base for more exotic and piquant design nuances that offer a glimpse into your tastes, without you needing to go hell for leather in terms of displaying them everywhere. 

Your master bedroom is a fantastic candidate for a neutral makeover, as you need the space to be beautiful but also restful and relaxing, but we don't want you dozing off because of décor boredom. Take a look at our top additions for a stunning boudoir and then try to tell us that you aren't a neutrals convert!