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1. For large rooms

Rooms as wide as this one requires special attention when it comes to choosing the right colour. Thus, visual balance and harmony become the main ideas that we need to work with. 

That is the reason a neutral palette is preferred by many to decorate living spaces that are linked with the dining area. With textiles, wood or glass, beige tones can be combined with other shades such as caramel, brown and white. The result? Friendly spaces that actually make you want to spend more time there.

Credits: homify / 360arquitetura

​10 reasons for designing a living room in beige

When it comes to the decoration of our bedrooms, we are free to take risks and break a few design rules, seeing as they are such private spaces. However, it’s different when it comes to living rooms. Here, each and every element is crucial, because living rooms are much more open and public, and they need to flaunt a certain look and style that will make just about anybody (colleagues, friends, family members) feel welcome. 

Of course you can always get a professional to design the perfect living room for you. 

Many questions come to mind when it’s time to decorate the main room of the home. What should you use for furniture, coatings for the floors and walls, lighting, accessories? The list goes on as we move through the process of designing the living room. However, if the style of a house is defined by its roof, then in the case of a living room, it’s by the colour of its walls and ultimately, by the mood we want to achieve. This is the reason that, for living room floors and walls, beige, sand and other shades of earthy browns are commonly used. Why? Because they have continued to be trendy and can fit in perfectly with just about any design. In addition, they also contribute a warm and cosy feeling to a room, not to mention how fabulously they get on with other colours. 

But if you want more reasons why a beige- and neutral-coloured living room is a winning recipe, we can give you these ten examples...