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Variations in genre.

Here's a great project that really demonstrates the versatility of stone. While the smooth accents create a modern and stylish look, the rugged elements add some seriously rustic texture as well. We love the idea of handcrafted raised beds that are easy to look after as well.

Credits: homify / Schwein Aménagement

​15 inspiring entryways

We all know the importance of first impressions, but how many of us are aware that that extends further than a big smile and greeting guest with a friendly attitude? What your home looks like can also greatly affect what others think of you, especially upon seeing it for the first time (it might sound shallow, but why would you not want to put in a little extra effort in the first place?). 

So, let’s focus on the first area that visitors will see of your house: the front entryway. And these 15 examples are sure to provide a few ideas on how you can spruce yours up via potted plants, garden trimmings, front steps, beautiful front doors, exterior lighting fixtures, a cute pergola framing the entryway, etc.

Let’s get inspired...