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1. Use multifunctional furniture.

Furniture pieces that will fold, adapt and serve more than one function really are the definition of getting more bang for your buck, which is critical in a small home! If you can combine a bed and a sofa, a foot stool with storage or anything of this nature, you'll enjoy so much more free space. 

Credits: homify / Muebles Parchis. Dormitorios Juveniles.

15 tricks for furnishing a small home

A small home can feel troublesome, whether it's a family dwelling or a single-person apartment, but there are ways and means to get a whole lot more value from your space! The most effective way to overcome modest dimensions is to furnish impeccably, paying attention to style and size and while interior designers make it look oh so simple, you might want to have a bash yourself! We've pulled together a host of top tips that will give you that spacious, free-flowing and generous home aesthetic that you crave, so come and take a look!