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1. Cover your BBQ, to make sure that it won't get damaged while out of commission! A simple awning will do the trick and won't look unstylish.

Credits: homify / wood-fired oven

16 ways to save your garden from our terrible weather

We're not wishing summer away, but you have to be realistic in the UK, as a few sunny days and suddenly, we are straight back into the dark and depressing days of autumn and winter! With that in mind, we wondered how professional gardeners seek to ready lovely outdoor spaces for the rather less clement weather that we're known for in this country and we think we've discovered some fantastic preventative measures!

Come with us now as we tell you how to prepare your garden for the rain, winds and frost that we are all so accustomed to putting up with and make a plan to ready your precious blooms in the next few weeks. trust us, you'll be glad you did, when the temperature drops!