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Credits: homify / TM Italia

​19 examples of furniture saving space

Problems with space in your home? Join the club! But before you pick up a sledgehammer to tear down a wall, maybe you need to look at your choice of furnishings (and we don’t necessarily mean buying smaller chairs and tables).

One of the greatest evolutions in interior design was the invention of double-duty furniture pieces, such as beds with built-in storage compartments (or ones that fold up into the wall, or change into a sofa when necessary), tabletops that pull out of a wall or kitchen island to instantly conjure up a dining space, TV cabinets with multiple shelves and cubby holes, desks and work stations that ‘disappear’ behind a wall of cabinets, and many others!

Scope out these 19 examples and see if you can spot the ingenious creation flaunted in each one.