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The façade

The proposal for the scheme was to take down the existing building, build new foundations and then reconstruct the shell on approximately the same rectangular footprint. 

The main requirements from the client? Light and space.

On the inside, the original idea of a staircase leading up from the main living area inspired the concept of a bridge linking the master bedroom suite to the children’s rooms.

Credits: homify / Des Ewing Residential Architects

​This 19th-century coach house became a cute family home

Today’s homify 360° highlight sees the reconstruction of a traditional coach house by reusing original materials. London-based Des Ewing Residential Architects are the experts behind this gem. But first, some background info!

The original coach house was built in 1890 from single-skin brickwork and roof slates, and whole the idea was to preserve as many original materials as possible – for both aesthetic and financial reasons – it was also vital to meet modern-day building regulations.