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1. This charming bungalow certainly dispels any myths that living over one storey has to be a fuddy-duddy affair. Just look at the amazing mix of materials here!

Credits: homify / Biuro Projektów MTM Styl—

20 stunning detached houses for the most discerning homeowners!

Owning a detached house is a dream for so many of us and there are a host of amazing styles to choose from, so before you start worrying that you'll never fulfil your ambition, check out some of our favourite styles, as one of these could be within your budget and grasp! In fact, if you hire the right architect, you might find that your available budget could get you something really special and unusual, so why not enjoy a few minutes with us now, drinking in some fabulous detached home inspiration? We think you'll love more than a few of these incredible properties!