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20 things that have gone wrong in 2020, so far

Year 2020 could well turn out be the worst the world has ever seen. 

We aren’t even halfway through it yet, and the record of things that have already gone wrong reads like a book of unspeakable horrors: COVID-19 deaths, lockdowns, pandemic. Economic recession, job losses, mental depression. Hundreds of thousands of migrants walking home, several being run over by trains. Cyclones, floods, quakes. Aircraft crashes. War-like flare-ups. Locust attacks. Fires. Riots. Stock market bloodbaths….. Wonder what is in store in the remaining part of the year. Here are some major events that have rocked the world in just the first five months of 2020:

If you think there are some events missing from this list, do mention them in the Comments section below.

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