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1. House interiors: Colours for 2018

The experts over at Pantone may have picked ultra violet to be 2018’s reigning spring colour, but don’t be too quick to discount all the other hues. Grey is still showing up in numerous spaces worldwide (as is evidenced by homify’s chock-a-block images pages, Pinterest boards, interior design magazines, etc.), for both walls and furniture pieces. 

And if you really want to be considered “in” for this year, be sure to include some moody hues for your house's interiors as well – dramatic violet, daring navy and emerald green must show up somewhere in your home!

Credits: homify / London Home Staging Ltd

​What are 2018’s house interior trends?

We at homify don’t expect our readers to have polished crystal balls as part of their interiors. But having said that, we also don’t want you to fall behind with the latest and greatest trends, whether it’s the best colours for a kitchen, the newest patterns to include in a living room, or the next best interior style to copy for your entire home. 

And seeing as we value you riding the trend wave, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to keep you updated about what’s hot, including the must-haves for 2018 that professional interior designers are copying left, right and centre (yes, we’ve already begun the year, but there’s still lots of time to get on board the trend train if you missed it).

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the top house interior trends for (the rest of) 2018!