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Wayskin Skin Analzyer

Use this awesome Wayskin Skin Analzyer ($80) to check in on how your skin is doing throughout the day, and pick your products accordingly.

The 33 Tech Products We're Lusting After This Year

We're not ashamed to admit that we rely on technology; it's there to make our lives easier, and we can't get enough of new advancements. From smart-home devices to advanced headphones and new gadgets, 2020 is poised to be a very exciting year in tech. Right now, these are the 33 best devices we're into.

What exactly are we getting excited about? Well, if you've been traveling around on an electric scooter, now you can have one of your own. Plus, we found alarm clocks that will wake you up with sunlight, cashmere texting gloves, and even an iPad stand for the bathroom because, you know, priorities. Whether you are looking for a great gift or want to treat yourself, keep reading to shop our picks!


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