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1. Rustic with a touch of industrial

At first, it might look as if this kitchen is simply your typical traditional rustic home, but in fact, you'll see a wonderful mixture of industrial and country motifs throughout. Rugged stone and exposed brick walls always keep the rustic ambience alive and well, but don’t overlook the sleek metalwork, industrial light fixtures and even metal furniture – they make all the difference in the world!

Credits: homify / Fabio Carria

​3 rustic houses that defy all stereotypes!

Hearing the term ‘rustic house’ can immediately conjure up images of neglected little farmhouses that are on the brink of dilapidation. Well, all that changes today, for we have stumbled onto three breathtakingly beautiful rustic homes, each one having been crafted by an astoundingly talented architect with a mandate to preserving the stunning stonework and showcasing the natural striking features. 

We believe these images speak for themselves...