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2. Something more rustic

You might think this is the ideal design for a holiday house (and you’re probably right), but we think it can work equally well as a retirement home. There are no steps, which means comfortable movement; the spaces appear to be quite wide; and it flaunts a delicious link with the fresh outdoors, which means lots of natural light filtering indoors.

Credits: homify / RAC ARQUITETURA

​5 houses that could be your perfect dream home

When it comes to finding the perfect house, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Personal taste dictates that each person has its own unique way of looking at things, whether it be a house’s exterior façade, the garden that surrounds it, the choice of building materials, etc.

But whether you’re more of a modern-style lover than a minimalist- or rustic-design one, you are sure to find the ideal house in today’s list – yes, these 5 homes are sure to appeal to just about anybody, for different reasons.

Let’s see which one you pick...