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1. Start with your living room.

If you have guests expected imminently and you're concerned about the state of your home, start with the lounge! That will usually be where you entertain and you can simply sweep the room, removing clutter and dirty dishes, to give the appearance of a more minimal and stylish living room. By default, guests will assume that the rest of the house looks just as neat and tidy too!

Credits: homify / Antonio Martins Interior Design Inc

5 ingenious tips to cut your cleaning time in half!

We can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have access to a large enough household budget to be able to hire a team of professional cleaners to tackle all the mundane and boring chores that are a necessity, but alas, that's not the case for everyone! So you know what that means: we need to find some sneaky ways to make cleaning a whole lot less arduous! Well, it's either that or you need to commit to a really authentically rustic living room et al, in order to explain away mounds of dust and debris! Let's take the more sanitary route though and get to grips with some sneaky cleaning hacks, shall we?