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1. Create different zones.

This is such a good idea and will really ensure that you have accounted for everything in your wardrobe. Having different areas for long dresses, folded jumpers and accessories, for example, will really help you to never lose a treasured piece of clothing again and also minimise creasing! It just makes good sense.

Credits: homify / Rash_studio

6 tips for mastering wardrobe organisation

A wardrobe is a great tool for bedroom storage and organisation, but if you aren't keeping it in good shape, it will quickly just turn into a clothing dumping ground and the mess will start to spill out into the wider room! We're not judging, as we are guilty of this ourselves, but professional cleaners do have some top tips to take note of, if you fancy making your closet a touch more useful! Come with us now and see if these brilliant organisation ideas could breathe new lift into your wardrobe.