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1. Stainless steel furniture

Furniture and appliances with a metallic finish will probably always be in style, which means they need to go hand in hand with some fab wall colours. The most common choice is to combine this type of furniture with white or grey walls, enhancing that somewhat cool ambience that usually comes with steel surfaces. But the truth is that stainless steel touches can be combined with almost any colour, as can be seen in this example where the floor sports quite the collection of tones.

Credits: homify / Equipe Ceramicas

​7 tips for combining wall colours with furniture

It’s not a secret that the choice of colours you choose to display in your home can have a tremendous effect, not only on how you see your interior style, but how it’s perceived by others as well. Makes one think that colour combinations, especially when coming into contact with décor pieces and furniture items, are rather important, right? 

This mindset is developed even further once colour psychology comes into play, which works on the idea that colours have certain effects on us, like red being used to simulate hunger (which is why so many kitchens and dining rooms are coated in this hot hue).

So, with all this in mind, and the obvious fact that we want our homes to look oh-so stylish and inviting, let’s take a look at some correct combinations when it comes to mixing wall colours and furnishings.