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1. Add skylights for more natural illumination.

Not only are skylights incredible when you want to create a more contemporary living room vibe, they are also a genius way to get more light into your home, without flicking the lights on in the early afternoon. We don;t think you need to limit your skylight placements though, as they work beautifully in ANY room. 

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7 ways to reduce your electricity bills

Now that the cold snap has hit in the UK, we are all starting to worry about our electricity bills going through the roof, as we turn the thermostat dials up and try to hunker down. We don't want you panicking though, as there are some fantastically common sense ways that you can reduce your usage in other areas, so as to maintain a firm grip on your household budget! Of course, you can ask your friendly neighbourhood heating expert for some cost reduction tips, but before you do, we recommend that you read this article and see what you can do do make a dent in those bills today.