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1. Integrated log stores.

If you do have a fire, you obviously need a good stock of fuel close to hand and ready to use, which is why these inset wall log stores are SUCH a great idea. They look good, serve a practical purpose and really frame the fireplace as well. What could be better?

Credits: homify / Masters of Interior Design

Amazing fireplace décor ideas to copy

A striking fireplace is a terrific addition to any home, but you don't always have to actually have a roaring fire as the central focal point! You might not have a chimney that is safe to use, or perhaps you just refer your reliable central heating. You might actually have a fire, but want to add some extra decorative touches to it, but whatever your story is, interior designers are keen to inspire you to make more of your actual fireplace itself. We are fully onboard with that train of thought too, which is why we've come up with a host of lovely ideas for decorating your hearth area with class and elegance, so if your living room needs livening up, come and take a look and see if any of these looks would suit you!