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From the street.

When we first read about this project., we had to admit that we were curious as to how what was once a garage, was transformed to look like a cohesive part of a family home façade, but it was as simple as adding an on-design window! You really can't tell that the extension to the right was ever a single garage, can you?

Credits: homify / The Market Design & Build

An amazing loft and garage conversion to admire

It's easy to forget that not everybody wants an integrated garage. In fact, there must be numerous homes that could actually use more internal space and today, we are going to show you one such property that has been dramatically altered to lovely effect! We imagine that the firm of architects commissioned with designing this project was probably more than a little surprised to be removing a useful garage, but they really rose to the challenge and created a far more generous internal layout. We think you're going to be particularly taken with the modern bedroom that has been installed in the loft, so let's take a look! Who knows, you might even be tempted to rip your own garage out after this!