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A space-age hallway.

Hallways have a tendency to be a little uninspiring, but not this one! Finished in bright white and with gloss surfaces, it resonates a contemporary vibe from the second you step foot in it. You can already tell that it leads into the wider space terrifically well too. 

Credits: homify / Studio Associato Casiraghi

An apartment that stuns with unusual design touches!

We all want our homes to be accurate reflections of who we are and what our individual style is, but it's shocking how many of us give in to a more understated aesthetic, just because we think we should or maybe even because we assume that family homes can't be a little different. Well, we have a wonderful property to show you today that is filled with innovative touches, unique furniture and dramatic design, all of which must have been fully supported by a really confident and competent interior designer! You're going to go crazy for the bright white elements, flashes of deep colour and amazing furniture, but just wait until you see the en suite bathroom too!