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Armchair travel: these are the 10 most Instagrammed palaces in the world

Armchair travel: these are the 10 most Instagrammed palaces in the world

Grandiose structures, lavish halls and acres of meticulously kept gardens are all tell-tale signs of some of the world's most beautiful palaces. And, while we're self-isolating due to the coronavirus outbreak and can't visit them in person right now, we can still enjoy their beauty from the comfort of our own sofa. Thankfully, a new roundup of the most Instagrammable palaces in the world has given us a much-needed inspirational travel fix.

The previous home of kings and emperors will always be places that the everyday person finds fascinating with an air of mystery and grandeur surrounding them. Palaces have changed throughout the years and have become more of a tourist attraction than ever before, giving guests the opportunity to take a glimpse into the past and see how the other half live.

They span throughout the world but are mostly found in Europe, India and the Middle East, all with uniquely different designs and architecture. No two palaces are the same, with extravagant halls and unusual designs.

The team at Silver Swan Recruitment has compiled a list of the world’s top palaces and measured the number of times they have been hashtagged on Instagram to determine the most popular.

Discover the most Instagrammed palaces in the world below...

These are incredibly beautiful...

From House Beautiful

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