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The main façade

Can you see any signs that we are looking at a prefabricated house? Of course not, and that’s part of the wonder of these magnificent creations. 

This particular one flaunts an interesting mix of styles, where modern lines are fused with traditional touches, such as the gabled roof covered with tiles and the walls with a brick texture, creating an extremely pleasant visual composition and homelike character.

Credits: homify / ADAY GRUP Hafif Çelik Yapılar A.Ş. / LGS CONSTRUCTION

​A beautiful prefabricated house

Prefab structures have been at the forefront of architectural trends in recent years, becoming quite the go-to option for houses and homes. Here on homify we regularly take a peek at prefabricated houses across the world to marvel at their beauty and the innovation of the architects and designers – and today’s homify 360° is no exception.

This marvel comes from ADAY GRUP Hafif Celik Yapilar A.S. / LGS CONSTRUCTION in Ankara, Turkey, who is quite seasoned when it comes to prefabricated buildings. 

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