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A double look

We kick off with a view of how the bedroom, kitchen and living room share a common design of light neutrals, modern style and an overall inviting ambience.

And here we can already catch a glimpse of that astonishing carpentry in the form of the wooden floor.

Credits: homify / Maxmar Construction LTD

​The beautifully brilliant Bristol House

To enjoy a top-notch design of wood, regardless of whether it’s a kitchen cabinet, a bedroom wardrobe or a simple little floating shelf in the study, you need to know your stuff – or rather, put your trust in the hands of an experienced carpenter.

Today’s homify 360° discovery comes to us from expert carpenters Maxmar Construction Ltd in London, who ensured they included a whole lot of style in their ‘Bristol House’ project, resulting in a picture-perfect design that flawlessly complements the rest of these interiors’ colours, materials, textures, etc.

Let’s get inspired...