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Classic bedroom wallpaper.

For older houses or those with classically elegant interior design schemes throughout, traditional wallpaper motifs are the natural choice for a bedroom. Paisleys and brocades are particularly effective, especially when textural finishes, such as sateen or flocking is brought into play and muted tones are a must. 

It might sound a little redundant to choose neutral wallpaper colours, but using patterns to add a little variety instead of vibrancy will allow for a striking effect but in a manageable and long-lasting way. Bolder styles are great, but it can get difficult to live with them.

Credits: homify / Mister Smith Interiors

Bedroom wallpaper styles for every home

It's not necessary to be a wall coverings expert to understand the value of choosing incredible wallpaper as an interesting, evolving and non-permanent home décor material and thanks to a serious uptake in popularity, the styles to choose from are, essentially, endless. Bedroom wallpaper ideas aren't the only viable options for a striking boudoir wall, but for the purposes of this guide, that's what will be the focus and in particular, how to get specific aesthetics and ambiances by using wallpaper.

In terms of innovative interior design touches, wallpaper, bedroom walls and a little imagination might not sound like new inventions, but in reality, the styles and finishes readily available now make for a unique and very contemporary alternative to standard paint. 

There are more benefits to choosing wallpaper for a bedroom than just variety and the main ones are as follows:

- Wallpaper is easy to hang and remove. With paste the wall varieties now becoming the norm, paper can be hung in a matter of minutes and removed whenever the pattern grows tiresome.

- Wallpaper is a suitable option for any and all budgets. While there are high-end designer rolls that can cost hundreds of pounds for just 10 metres, there is also a plethora of fantastically affordable designs, sold through high street DIY stores.

- There is little prep needed with wallpaper, apart from a clean and level wall. Paint, on the other hand, requires primer, filling and all sorts of other stages. 

- Little equipment is needed to hang wallpaper, as a table and a pasting brush is all you need. 

Wallpaper is clearly an excellent choice for a bedroom, but it's important to understand just how much scope there is, in terms of patterns and finishes, which is why this guide has brought together some of the most popular.