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Hero – Chieh Huang, Boxed

Chieh, who runs the US e-tailer Boxed, foots the bill for his employees’ children to go to college and also offers to pay up to $20,000 for employees’ weddings. (Misha Friedman/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The best (and worst) bosses of 2017

For many workers, the best perk they can hope for from the boss is the odd early cut on a Friday, or maybe the company credit card put behind the bar on quiz night.

For others, a sniping “you’re lucky to have a job at all” counts as man management and motivation.

But sometimes you do get to work for some truly awesome people, bosses who recognise that investing time and money in their staff can really pay off.

Here we take a look at five MDs, CEOs or managers who have gone that the extra mile – and five who perhaps could try harder…