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From the outside!

The wall lights here and simple house number, which is also illuminated, have created such a visually striking façade that draws you in to find out a little more, don't you think? With modern lighting in play, you can't help but notice how beautifully contemporary the building itself is. Let's look inside!

Credits: homify / Queck—Elektroanlagen

A bungalow with breathtaking lighting solutions

Have you been mooching along, assuming that bungalows have to be boring? We understand why, but have an amazing home to show you today that will blow that theory out of the water! Instead of old fashioned finishes and boring lighting in the one storey house that we have for you today, you'll find lighting that takes things to a whole new level in every room, from the open-plan living and dining room through to the hallway and even the exterior! We can't help but think that the architect that created this home would be delighted to see it so flatteringly illuminated, but why not come and see if you love it too?