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1. Use the hallway for shoe storage

Been blessed with an adequately sized hallway? Use it your advantage! Get yourself a slim and stylish cabinet/credenza to help store some of those boots, running shoes and others. People use hallway cabinets all the time for other clutter elements like books, vacation goodies and other items, so why not shoes?

Credits: homify / My Italian Living

​Clever (and chic) shoe storage solutions

It’s a sight that most of us are familiar with: two sneakers casually discarded right in the hallway; a single boot (where’s its mate?) lying right next to the shoe basket in the mud room; two stilettos dropped in the middle of the bedroom floor, nowhere near where they should be stored. 

Yes, when it comes to household clutter, it’s not only bathroom goodies and kitchen accessories that are the culprits. Clothing items have also known to find their way throughout a home, ending up in the weirdest of spots, like underneath the living room coffee table. And although laziness and way-too energetic children can sometimes be blamed, there’s also another reason for this phenomena: not enough storage space for shoes. 

So, what’s a person to do? Phone up a seasoned carpenter to build and install a brand new closet dedicated solely to shoes? If you have the legroom and budget, by all means go for it! But for others, it takes a bit of creative thinking and planning to see where else in the home one can squeeze in a few sneakers.

Fortunately, we at homify have already done our homework to help you out with your shoe storage problem...