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Cottage style houses use layered textiles in every room.

Homes in the country need to be warm, cosy and ready for every seasonal change, which is why a layered approach to textiles is vital. Cushions, throws, rugs and blankets will all feature majorly and do not have to be perfectly matched in colour pattern. A little diversity will go a long way. 

Credits: homify / Linda Joseph Kitchens & Interiors

How to create the perfect English cottage interior

Cottage style homes are one thing, but authentic English cottage house plans are absolutely something else. It's not essential to own a country home in rural England in order to tap into a genuine and stylish english cottage decor aesthetic, but there are certain motifs that need to be copied, in order to emulate the look effectively and with a touch of authentic charm.

Interior architects have mastered the art of curating picture-perfect homes that seem to effortlessly capture the cottage home look and feel, thanks to identifying and showcasing very particular furniture and décor items, which are catalogued and explained in this guide. The following elements are essential for anybody that longs for those charming English cottage interiors that fill the pages of every interior design magazine and make for homes that instil a year-round holiday feeling