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Drop the Dumbbells - These 16 Compound Exercises Are All Bodyweight

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret: compound exercises are a game changer. They're multijoint movements, like squats and deadlifts, that work multiple large muscle groups simultaneously and help you burn fat and build muscle more efficiently. Compound exercises can be done with extra weight, like dumbbells and barbells (here's a list of weighted compound exercises), or you can simply use your bodyweight, no equipment necessary. Bodyweight moves are as versatile as it gets, because many of them can be done almost anywhere anywhere - while traveling, in a small apartment or hotel room - and they're perfect if you're new to fitness, too. Compound bodyweight exercises are a double whammy: accessible and efficient, so you can work as many muscles as possible in each move.

Note that this list of compound bodyweight exercises is not a workout, and I don't advise doing these exercises all in one routine. Instead, choose two to three moves that target your arms and two to three moves that target your lower body to create a workout. Check out the full list below, and keep reading to get detailed instructions for each move.

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Compound Bodyweight Exercises

- Additional reporting by Maggie Ryan

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