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1. Go to charity shops and car-boot sales!

If you love bargain hunting then this tip will be right up your street! By getting yourself along to charity shops and car-boot sales, you'll not only be privy to some great prices, you will also find a host of furniture items and accessories that are no longer currently for sale, making them more exciting

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How to decorate like an interior designer - but for little money!

We'd all love to get our homes looking so well put together that naturally, all visitors assume that we've hired a top interior designer, but it's no secret that very few of us can actually justify the expense of a pro! There are, however, a few tips that will help you to get that special finish, for significantly less cash and we want to tell you all about them, today!

Essentially, it's all a case of shopping just that little bit more savvily, whilst also knowing exactly where you should be looking for bargains and how you can use a little creativity to your advantage. Regardless of which rooms you want to lavish some extra attention on, from your master bedroom through to the kitchen, we have some amazing ways that you can get the designer look for less, so let's begin!