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1. White on white.

For a subtle take on this trend, you can create your boiserie and then paint it white, to match your plain walls. This way, you'll get textural diversity, but an understated finish still. Such a classy way to tap into the look! We love the way the fireplace here has been created to match!

Credits: homify / Ernesto Fusco

Discover the beauty of boiserie!

So what is boiserie? Explained in simple terms, it is a French technique that refers to using wooden panelling to make plain walls a whole lot more interesting. Though it enjoyed serious popularity back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it has consistently stood the test of time through modern variations and the use of more materials. 

As well as wood, boiserie is also created in plaster, cement and even polystyrene, which is great, as these can often prove to be far more cost-effective than specialist woodworking, which will need a carpenter, but you'll still get a stunning end result. If you're keen to see how boiserie can look in reality, come with us now, as we have some particularly fantastic examples to show you, right now!