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Asphalt driveway ideas.

In terms of driveway ideas, UK homes can have very specific needs, depending on location, but one material and finish is popular across the board and that's asphalt. Relatively cost effective, which is ideal for anyone investigating cheap driveway ideas, it is also simple to pour, level and maintain. 

Asphalt might not sound very exotic or exciting, but given how dark the finish is, it always looks neat, ordered and deliberate, not to mention very sleek. Some stone edging will set the look off perfectly and add something of an organic flavour into the mix too.

Credits: homify / Unique Landscapes

Driveway ideas to definitely consider copying

It's shocking just how many people overlook the importance of a striking and perfectly finished driveway, but this guide will not only highlight just what a valuable asset a divine drive is, but also showcase a few varieties that have timeless appeal, elegance and practicality. It's absolutely worth investigating a plethora of driveway ideas in a bid to help decide on a style and rudimentary design before calling in the professionals to create the finished look, as this will streamline a driveway project exponentially and allow for a terrifically impressive aesthetic, all within budget too!

There are a number of reasons why a gorgeous driveway is a must, including:

- A smooth and attractive driveway will add to the value of a home, in some cases, as much as 10%. That's a very significant amount, even if a home is small and modestly valued. Driveway lighting ideas, when put into place, will maximise the return as well.

- They create a fantastic first impression. Nobody ever forgets a home that has a sleek driveway leading up to it and as far as first impressions go, it would be incredible to seal the deal as early as the kerb.

- Individual parking spaces are SO sought after. On-street parking is not ideal and can lead to vehicles becoming damaged, which is why a well thought out driveway is such a good idea. A smooth surface will also reduced wear and tear on tyres and could even improve fuel economy.

- A poured driveway needs little maintenance. All that's needed to keep a driveway looking good is a pressure washer and a few minutes once a month. So simple and yet, very rewarding.

From luxury styles through to driveway ideas on a budget, this guide has a suggestion for every home, location and preferred aesthetic.