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Who Else Would You Expect to Own a Denim Butterfly Crop Top? Of Course It's Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa, queen of all trends Y2K, is collecting butterfly pieces for her wardrobe left and right. Perhaps it started when she hit the Grammys red carpet in this sparkling, slitted Versace gown back in March, which she then followed up at the afterparty with a chain-mail minidress in the same motif. But these days, her stylist Lorenzo Posocco must be sourcing high and low across the internet, even for Dua's casual wear. If her one-shoulder butterfly crop top from Masha Popova is not enough to confirm the bug is abuzz, this denim Blumarine set, hailing from the label's spring/summer 2022 runway, should convince you.

The performer and Elton John collaborator outfitted herself in the full catwalk ensemble, metal chain belt and all, accessorized with a Mowalola trucker hat; rimless, lavender translucent lenses; and butterfly earrings that scurried down to her shoulders like those red hanging barrel monkeys. While we can't all be lucky enough to shop luxury straight from the designer, butterflies happen to be popping up across all our favorite retail sites thanks to fashion's reinterpretation of the early aughts in 2021. Ahead, see Dua's coordinates make their debut at Fashion Week in Milan, then shop her essentials.

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